GALIBIER is an album about pedal steel guitar, mountains and cycling

The name of the album is derived from the Col du Galibier, a mountain pass at an altitude of 2645 mtr. in the French Alps, known for its legendary climb amongst cyclists and cycling fans. The climb is long and hard, the landscape slowly passes in beautiful colors and curves. This experience found its way into the soundscapes on GALIBIER.

GALIBIER is a quest for soundscapes created by pedal steel guitar

The pedal steel guitar is not frequently found outside the domain of traditional country and folk music, and rarely used as the lead instrument in modern compositions. GALIBIER is an investigation into new compositions, influenced by sounds and harmonies found in the works of Erik Satie, William Basinsky and Daniel Lanois.

GALIBIER is created, composed an performed on pedal steel by Mathijs Leeuwis

Contributors: Mathijn den Duijf (piano, production and recording), Marzio Scholten (guitar) Mischa Porte (drums).